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Families and Friends of Transgender People

We are a group of transgender families in the Sacramento area, which includes transparents (transgender parents), parents with transgender children, spouses and families with or without children. We represent a range of transgender expression and sexuality. In our struggles to raise our children the best we can, we have felt the need for support to maintain strong transgender family values. We have come together to give each other the support we could only find with other transgender families.

We recognize that our society has many myths about people who are transgendered. We have felt the effects of these myths on ourselves and our families. The perpetuation of these myths is aided by an outdated belief within the psychological profession that being transgender is a mental disorder. We want to abolish these myths by presenting truths we have learned from our experiences as families with transgender members. By doing so, we define ourselves rather than letting others define us inaccurately.

We do not have statistics to prove what we say. We only have our experiences as families. Despite our adversities and struggles, we look at our families and see a happy and loving group of people who's support we cannot live without. The fact that we have created strong children and families in a transphobic society is evidence to us that we are doing the right thing by being ourselves with our children and our families.

For more information about adoption and transgender families, read Can transgender people adopt?. Transgender individuals seeking parental rights should always consult with a lawyer in their area familiar with transgender law or visit the Transgender Law Center website.

Our Support Meetings

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at St. Marks Church (2391 St. Marks Way, on the second floor of the education building) as a part of the PFLAG meeting from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
Email: transfamilies@sactgc.org

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